Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Leitrim Wall Ecomm FAQ section. These pages are designed to answer questions you may have regarding Leitrim Wall Ecomm at Leitrim GAA, and your order.

What is Leitrim Wall Ecomm?

Leitrim Wall Ecomm is made up of personalised engraved bricks and porcelain tiles for all fans.

Any image of the proposed design on the website is a representation only.

Why is it being created?

The Leitrim Wall will be the first of its kind in a GAA facility in Ireland.

It will be the main feature inside the entrance of the new centre and visible as you pass on the N4 Carrick-on-Shannon to Dublin road:

a beacon for those who were forced ‘to travel far from this great land’, as Larry Cunningham famously sang in ‘Lovely Leitrim’.

It offers Leitrim supporters everywhere the opportunity to contribute to the building of a state-of-the-art facility for their county while recording a personalised message on one of the wall’s bricks.

Who can buy Bricks?

Leitrim Wall Ecomm is open to all. We welcome support for the project be it local or from around the world. Each fan is as important to us as the next and we encourage all fans to be a part of this project.

How do I activate E-Voucher?

To activate your brick, have your Activation code from your E-Voucher ready and go to the home page of this website ( On the Home Page go to ‘Activate your Gift Card. On the Activation page enter your Code (found on the front of your E-voucher) and select Redeem. You will then enter your personalised inscription on-line. You will also be able to add a replica or upgrade your purchase.

When activating my purchase can I upgrade?

You can buy as many stones as you like in addition to the stone purchased with the E-Voucher or indeed another E-Voucher. If the order exceeds the amount paid for the E-Voucher, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.

Where can I buy an E-Voucher?

E-Vouchers are available on line at 

What can I buy?

You can choose from the following selection of products:

  • The Leitrim Green Brick

A clay tile with green engraving and 4 lines of text (maximum of 16 characters per line) 215mm x 140mm; 8.5” x 5.5” €250

  • The Leitrim Logo Brick

A clay tile with gold engraving and the symbol 4 lines of text (maximum of 16 characters per line) 215mm x 215mm; 8.5” x 8.5” €500

  • The Leitrim Stone

Have the dedication or message of your choice on up to 4 lines of text (maximum of 24 characters per line) on this porcelain tile This tile includes a full colour logo 300mm x 300mm; 12” x 12” €1,000

  • The Leitrim Stone of Excellence

Have the dedication or message of your choice on up to 4 lines of text (maximum of 24 characters per line) on this set of 4 porcelain tiles This tile includes a full colour logo 600mm x 600mm; 24" x 24" €3,000

You can also purchase E-Vouchers on line.

Please see for full details and prices

How much can I say in my message?

  • The Leitrim Green Brick

Maximum of 16 characters per line

  • The Leitrim Logo Brick

Maximum of 16 characters per line

  • The Leitrim Stone

Maximum of 24 characters per line

  • The Leitrim Stone of Excellence

Maximum of 26 characters per line

Are the letters painted on top?

No, the letters are actually engraved into the clay tiles and bound into the porcelain tiles using an ultra-high colour technology to make the lettering more hardwearing.

What can I have engraved on my brick?

Any message or dedication you wish (as long as it is polite, maximum characters per line as mentioned above, spaces & punctuation included). We reserve the right to refuse any messages we consider to be inappropriate.

Examples of what you might want to say:

  • Support the Club!
  • Remember a great supporter!
  • Celebrate a birthday!
  • Congratulate your favourite player!

Can I change my message after I have placed my order?

You will be sent an E-mail with an E Certificate to check your inscription. If it is incorrect or you would like to make any changes, there will be instructions in the email of how to do so, you can change this as many times as you like until your confirm order inscription or up to ten days after you have placed your order after which time no further amendments are allowed.

When are they being installed?

The first installation is planned for 2019 and then periodically thereafter, this allows time to sell more bricks and porcelain tiles and then place them on the wall at the same time. Thus completing sections of the wall rather than brick by brick.

How long will the Bricks last?

The Bricks will last indefinitely. The manufacturer will provide a 10 year guarantee on the brick and 3 years on the lettering.

How many Bricks can I order?

As many as you like online or from the club shop

How do I pay for the brick(s) or E-Voucher?

Online: With credit/debit card - VISA, MASTERCARD, DELTA, MAESTRO, SWITCH

You can not purchase an E-Voucher with an E-Voucher.

Can I choose my location?

No, the Bricks will be laid on a first come first laid basis as the Leitrim Wall Ecomm progresses. Each Brick will be laid in the next available spot.

What is on the E-certificate?

The E-certificate includes the inscription on the brick and the bricks’ unique reference number. The E-certificate does not include the purchaser's name. Please note : you will not be able to change your inscription after the ten day cooling of period. The E-certificate can be printed and given as a gift or kept as your own personal momento.  Only your chosen inscription will show on the E-certificate, if you have chosen a product with a crest this will not show on the E-certificate but will be engraved into the bricks, or bound into the porcelain tiles.

You can log back into your account at any time and request that your E-certificate be resent.

How can I contact Briconomics Fundraising Ltd?

You can contact Briconomics Fundraising Ltd. whether to trace your order or for any other reason by emailing Briconomics Fundraising Ltd. at In all instances, please be ready to supply relevant information which Briconomics Fundraising Ltd. will require from you in order to identify your order - Purchaser's name, order reference or brick reference (from your certificate) and date of purchase, without this information we may be unable to trace your order.  We aim to respond to all emails within 72 hours (normal office hours only)